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Rosemont Country Club

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Rosemont Country Club -- Narrow Fairways and Fast Greens
Review by: Anonymous Rosemont is the type of course that makes you be a better player. While it is not particulary long, the fairways are narrow and the greens are fast but fair.
From Akron, Ohio

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Raccoon Hill Golf Club -- Tough Course, Most people dont like it
Review by: Justin This course has to be one of my favorite for the money. The fairways are narrow and the rough, is well, take a drop - you aint gonna find it. You can beat any long hitter on this course because if their bombs stray, their looking at penalties. Also, the green are the most maintained greens for the price of the course. They are slick - though sometimes they dont read true - and very tough. Any one who says they dont like this course is because they lost to many balls off the tee...
From Streetsboro, Ohio