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Landing View Golf & Country Club
Longwood Golf Course

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Landing View Golf & Country Club -- Perfectly acceptable
Review by: Mark Early This course is recently under new management and has a new name. The course is fairly short, has a gentle roll to it, and could be easily walked. The fairways are more narrow than most courses and have enough trees and water to make play challenging. A true 'pasture' course, the cart paths are rough and rutted and the tees are not very close cut, yet the greens were of very good quality. I'm a new golfer and found the course to be well suited to someone just starting out. The small greens and narrow fair ways offer suitable challenge for the more experienced golfer. I'd readily play it again should I have the opportunity.
From Roanoke, VA

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Brookside Par 3 Golf Club -- Nice for starters
Review by: Anonymous I am just starting out golfing, and I have to say this course is good for my needs. The manager is really nice, and the course is a good place to learn the outline for major courses. It taught me how to avoid the creek traps, and did an exellent job of teaching me how to get over a steep hill next to the green without going overboard. The seventh hole taught me how to loft it in the air enough, but not go too far. Overall this course is good for sharpening regular skills and it gives you a break from all of the major par 72 courses.
From Roanoke VA USA