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Fayetteville Golf & Country Club -- FGCC
Review by: Luke #1-easy warm up hole. #2-OB right, water hazard may come into play on drive, can reach green in 2 if you fly the creek. Second round, plays as a long par 4. #3-a chip shot, but still a difficult par. #4-long par 4, OB right, water left. Second round, short par 5. #5-short uphill par 3. Deceptively difficult green. #6-water left, pine trees right. Green very sloped at the back. #7-Difficult uphill second shot to an evil green. Super slick and no straight putts. #8-Cut the corner with a sharp hook if you're brave. Safe play to the LZ sets up easy par. #9-Good finishing hole with OB right. Greasy green with lots of breaks. Lay up short with the drive (or tee off with a 3wood) or you'll have tree trouble on the approach. Overall, this is a good course for beginners. Short and not much sand. OB and water hazards only come into play if you hit a really bad shot. If you miss the green, miss short. Up and down very difficult if you go over. Slicers will have many penalty strokes from OB right (14 of the 18 holes). Grain runs west on all greens. Lots of very subtle breaks. Play with a local for entertainment and help with reads. Don't believe everything they say. 1,6, 8 and 13 are birdie holes. 5,7, and 9 just be happy with par. The occasional golfer can have a good time and scrape together a decent score. The scratch golfer will not be challenged. Long drivers will end up with lots of half wedge approaches. Local custom is to play large groups (5 or 6 somes). Bring at least a foursome or be prepared to wait on every shot.
From Fayetteville, TN USA

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Deer Creek Golf Club -- Play if you like long waits
Review by: Leonard Hill I played Deer Creek Golf Course yesterday located in Crossville, Tn. and was absolutely disgusted with the 5 hours plus it took us to play. The course is beautiful. However, in talking with the Pro Shop attendant, the owner, Mr. Lloyd Bowman just this past week wanted his veteran staff to accept a ridiculous contract which would: 1. They would receive no pay, 2. Could only play during "off-peak" times (off-peak not defined), 3. Food discounts would only be accepted during working hours, 4. Could only use range during off-peak times, 5. Something pertaining to being taxed at end of year for rounds played, merchandise discounts, etc., 6. No worker's comp. (which constitutes legal action and may be pending), 7. Employee guests would have to pay for riding cart with guest. Need I say more to describe the fiasco that Deer Creek is now experiencing. I do not know the owner personally, but would dare to assume that he has lost his mind. We have traveled from Ohio to Crossville every year since 1995. We obviously know several of the veteran rangers and starters. We could not believe the owner would wait until this past week, the start of the prime golf season to make such changes. And what add insult to injury, he did not even have the human courtesy to call a meeting to discuss the changes. His chosen form of communicating these changes was to send a fax. That tells me he does not have the backbone or courage of a normal human being. I'm confident that he will soon realize his mistake for which it may be too late to recover. His comment was that he would place an add in the paper to replace. 10 - 12 good honest, hard working veterans are hard to replace, but Crossville may be different from other areas. My suggestion prior to playing at Deer Creek would be to call and inquire about the current situation, or better yet, drop by and observe for yourself rather than take a possible biased answer. This is a sad turn of events, but we are already looking at other courses in the area. Leonard Hill Portsmouth, OH
From Portsmouth, OH