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Aspen Valley Golf Club
Elden Hills Golf Club
Forest Highlands Golf Club - Canyon Course
Forest Highlands Golf Club - Meadow Course
Ranch Golf Club

Featured Golf Course Review:
Aspen Valley Golf Club -- Mountain course
Review by: Eddie Smith Beautiful, well maintained course that has spectacular views in every direction. A private course with relatively low membership. Particularly well maintained for a part year course.
From Phoenix

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ASU Karsten Golf Course -- Phil Mickelson`s College Course...
Review by: Dean Buffoni If Phil Mickelson honed his game here then you can imagine why hes so good. This course is very difficult if you dont hit the fairways, and if your drive is a little off your in trouble. This is a very tight driving type course, you must be in the fairway at all times, some holes are not as bad as others but some are hazardous to your golf game. I did not play well here, I am not a great player so after playing here I decided unless I get much better at this game I should avoid this course. The greens are extremly fast, I mean like putting on marble. The first hole is a good opening hole, if you hit the fairway your fine buuuuut, go left or right your in trouble. I hit my drive to the right as I am a lefty, i pull hooked my tee shot on to a mound, when I addresed the ball to hit it my right leg was up so high that I popped the ball straight up in to air and it went maybe 75 yds. already I was looking at bogie at best.... not a good beginning to my golf day. A great course non the less, your putting will be severly tested here...Have fun.....
From Danbury,CT