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Forest City Municipal Golf Course

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Forest City Municipal Golf Course -- Great place for a little fun...
Review by: Daniel Goodnight As you start off the first tee you notice that trees line both sides of the fairway, which means a well placed tee shot is required. Number 2 is a short par 3, slightly up hill, meaning you will maybe have to take an extra club. As your round progresses your come upon holes 3 and 4 which are par 5's. Number 3 is designed to where your tee shot is sligtly up hill but is followed by a second shot that is down the hill and then back up to the green. Number 4 is a down hill par 5 that is very reachable in 2. Number 5 is a uphill, short par 4. Number 6 is probably th most challenging hole on the course. It demands a perfect tee shot and mid to short iron precision into the green. Number 7 is a par 3 over water. Numbers 8 an 9 are both par 4's with number 8 being the more challenging. Number nine is one of the easier holes on the course, with a good drive all you will have left is a sand or pitching wedge. Come enjoy this great nine whole lay out!
From Ellenboro, NC, USA

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Quarry Hills Country Club -- 20 YEARS AS A MEMBER
Review by: Chris I grew up on this course. We were members when it was Piedmont Crescent. The heyday was the late 80's, early 90's, when membership was strong. It was no problem to find a game. In the past ten years, everyone has dropped out. As for the course, it doesn't get any better. The fairways are carpet and the greens are smooth, sloped, true, and moderate. It's been 10 years and I can still recall every bounce. Have fun when the pin is on the front of the green on 13. Thread the needle off the tee on 4. Avoid the right on 5 and you better know how to draw the ball on 8. Great course, great memories.
From Atlanta, GA USA