Fort Rucker Alabama Golf Courses

Silver Wings Golf Course - Blue/Red Course
Silver Wings Golf Course - Red/White Course
Silver Wings Golf Course - White/Blue Course

Featured Golf Course Review:
Silver Wings Golf Course - Red/White Course -- First Time Visitor
Review by: W. Rickert Red Course Only - The course was fine but frustrating. The grass just off the fairway seemed short but was just high enough to hide the ball. One could be a foot off the fairway and unless you know exactly where the ball was , you couldn't find it. On one hole I spent 10 minutes looking and the ball was a foot from the cart. So keep it in the fairway. Lost several balls this way. If you golf in the summer and are not from Alabama, go early, its HOT!!! Even at 0700 hrs. The course is bordered by pretty thick woods. If the ball goes in those, forget it.
From Dallas, OR, USA

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Vestavia Country Club -- Would like to be a member here
Review by: David Jackson I loved this course and the club. The golf course has beautiful views of the valleys below and has very good variety. I played from the V tees and it was a good test of golf. One of the things I liked about this golf course (especially from the back) is that the golfer must be able to move the ball from right to left on some holes (#8 & #18) and left to right (#12 & #13) on others. It does not favor either a fade or a draw. The bent grass greeens are very fast and reading them properly is critical. On the front nine - you can let the shaft out and blast away at most of the fairways but on the back you need to hit it straight and position it properly on several holes to have a chance to approach. Due to its location on top of a mountain, this course can be windy, which is helpful in the hot Southern summers and adds complexity to certain holes (#14 short downhill Par 3).

This would be a great place to play golf on a regular basis as the views on several holes (#13) are spectacular.
From Tampa, FL