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Frederic Country Club

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Frederic Country Club -- Frederic, secluded little treasure
Review by: Chris Fucterass Frederic Country Club is a great little place to enjoy golf with out having to worry about an overcrowded, overpriced golfing adventure. I play the course with my brother every May when we go on a fishing trip and I plan to continue to play the course. It requires tolerance as it is typically windy, but the course is a challenge with long holes and creative shot making. I urge any golfer to stop in when in the Northwest part of Wisconsin.
From Indiana

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Clifton Hollow Golf Club - Eighteen Hole Course -- Comfortable surroundings, friendly staff
Review by: Mike Clifton Hollow is a friendly, interesting golf course. This course is middle of the road as far as the course itself - but they keep incrementally improving it. Where it shines is the attitude of the owners and the staff. This is the kind of a course that a family can have fun at and kids (of all ages) are comfortable. With lots of courses nearby competing with them, Clifton Hollow stands out because they encourage people to enjoy playing golf. It's not a course carved out of cornfield - it has a fair amount of character. In this day and age, it seems that there are a lot of middle of the road courses that want to cater to the scratch golfer. Clifton Hollow likes good golfers, but they accept the rookies too. Call on a Saturday and tell them that you want to tee off in the mid afternoon with your 10 year old son and if they have space, they will leave you as a twosome so the kid can play. Ask them if your disabled spouse and your 88 year old grandfather can rent a cart and follow you and they'll do it. Clifton Hollows is no Pebble Beach - but it is a great place to play and when it makes sense, is a great place to expose new players to the great game of golf.
From Stillwater, MN