Fremont Indiana Golf Courses

Country Meadows Golf Resort
Eaton Creek Golf Club

Featured Golf Course Review:
Country Meadows Golf Resort -- I'm no Critic, but this course is way better than a "1"
Review by: Big Larrr We Treat ourselves to a good time at Country Meadows Golf Resort, when we go to Fremont to visit relatives. I say Treat, because the other choice (Eaton Creek) which is less than a mile from the house we stay at is a plough field. Maybe Country Meadows isn't a Five, but it's a far sight better than the alternative.
From Burlington, KY USA

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Zionsville Golf Course -- Great for a 9-hole golf fix
Review by: J. Hicks I find ZGC to be a great, local course to get away to for a <2 hour golf fix for nine holes. One has the opportunity to pull out the driver for tee shots on at least four of the holes. Because of the unique layout of holes 1, 5, 7 and 8 you are required to consider length and placement when considering club selection off the tee. Course maintenance has improved over the last couple years, and the greens are in good shape. I enjoy playing there 2-3 times/month from March to November.
From Indianapolis, IN