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Coyote Hills Golf Course
Fullerton Golf Course

Featured Golf Course Review:
Fullerton Golf Course -- Plan on a long day
Review by: Preston This is one of the few golf courses that should be plowed over and turned into condos. This course is maintained like a hillbillys back yard. Plan on a 6 hour round , and loosing at least a dozen balls. You can loose a ball in the fairway if you are not looking. Yikes, this place is bad.
From Brea, California

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Presidio Golf Course -- Worth bringing your clubs to San Francisco
Review by: Mark Easy to get to, reasonable in price, and not a flat lie anywhere. I played it in a 4-club wind, and thought it worthy of comparison to Olympic and Pebble Beach for challenge. The scenery is beautiful, if you like the Northern California look. My only beef--players start every 4 minutes, which is flat out silly. When I was told by the starter to hit from the first tee, I asked to let the group ahead get off the tee box first!
From Cincinnati