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Coyote Hills Golf Course
Fullerton Golf Course

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Fullerton Golf Course -- Plan on a long day
Review by: Preston This is one of the few golf courses that should be plowed over and turned into condos. This course is maintained like a hillbillys back yard. Plan on a 6 hour round , and loosing at least a dozen balls. You can loose a ball in the fairway if you are not looking. Yikes, this place is bad.
From Brea, California

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Scholl Canyon Golf & Tennis Club -- Bring a lot of balls...
Review by: Quincy This course is a TOUGH executive course. The terrain is harsh and the greens can look very different from the tee-box from how they actually are when you are lucky enough to get to them. The crevaces are all over, so bring extra balls. Also, this course is great to work on your concentration, as the dump is on one side and the constant noise from trucks can be distracting. You want good, straight drives and accurate short iron shots to stand a chance on this course, but it is a LOT of fun and very affordable for the frequent golfer.
From Los Angeles