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Garrett Country Club

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Turkey Run Golf Club -- What do want for practically nothing?
Review by: D. Bogey Browne ***+ (3 & 1/2 stars actually) Fun course. Typical country course conditions, but with better than avg. scenery. Relaxing 19th hole. Friendly helpful folks. Shade and soil make for tough maintenance, just roll-it-over and you'll enjoy the day. Greens range from mild to tough, with a median of kind of tough. One little par 4, with just about a 90 degree, exit stage left dogleg. Club selection off the tee, determines whether you'll have a shot to the green. Rarely slow play, but you can hunt mushrooms (April/May) while waiting on the group ahead of you, an added bonus! Plenty of wildlife, especially early mornings, and evenings. State parks a Nature Conservancy, a nice camping/fishing lake and a major state reservoir all within 20 miles. Lots of Amish folks/farms too, if you like to visit previous century farming practices, or want to learn how to grow a really good producing vegetable garden. Be prepared to ford creeks, as some crossings lack a covered bridge.
From W. Lafayette, In.