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Duxbury Yacht Club -- rebuttal of Sir Edward III's review
Review by: Sir Edwin III After having read the first line of Edward III's review,(This golf course is amazing!),I expected to find La Quinta East. Edward must not get out much. I couldn't wait to use the phrases, Dog track and Goat farm in my own review. However,after having played the course,I realized such descriptions would not only be innacurate but unfair as well. I honestly found the course very pleasant and playable and there was no sign of the elitist Skippy and Buffy crowd Edward led me to anticipate. Just a laid back casual family atmosphere as there are several tennis courts, pool and boating as well as golf. Ed must have been out of town. I also took exception to the crack about no riff raff and general public. Wrong again Ed. I'm not a member and neither are my friends. There were sixteen of us. Only one member of our group is a member. Back to the course. Many if not most of the fairways are very wide and forgiving. The greens are a bit undulating but very fair. Just enough to make putting interesting. A very nice course. I'd love to play it again. We had an enjoyable round with several good friends. Everyone was well behaved,for riff raff that is. And wonder of all wonders,everyone had a collared shirt and respectable length shorts. I would recommend this course to anyone. Members,non members and general riff raff alike.
From Hanson, MA USA