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Clayton Park Golf Course
Spring Lake Recreation Center

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Clayton Park Golf Course -- Golfing as a begginer
Review by: Mike warenhimer This is deffinitely a 5-star begginner course for 1st timers . The people who golf are so bad it isn't even funny. well actually it is pretty funny. Like I know this kid named bob pennock who hit the ball behind him. Man did he suck but this course was perfect for him because he only shot 60 over. At cobbs creek, which by the way is not the best begginers course in the land he shot a 285. He is a good guy. But after he went to Clayton Park for a while it helped him alot now he is shooting 5 over at Clayton and 20 over at Cobbs. So it is a very good course to step you up to the plate.
From Aston, PA US of A

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Clayton Park Golf Course -- about cp
Review by: N/A clayton is a good course...but the greens arn't that well. i was there 4-7-04 and the greens had holes in them and they were almost al sand and dirt...the ball didn't travel very well.
From N/A

Spring Lake Recreation Center -- Good Wedge course
Review by: Fred Dicaroney Good for the average golfer to learn how to chip
From Brookhaven,PA