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Nevada County Country Club -- my local course
Review by: Steve Madden The course is only 5 minutes from my house but I would drive a lot further to play there. This is a very challenging 9 holes for any level of player. 7 of the 9 holes are par 4 with the 7th playing 400 yards uphill to a tabletop green that slopes to the sides and front. It is a nice little course and a great mid day escape during a busy day. Bring your walking shoes and your best game and enjoy our little jewel. A little local knowledge, every green breaks towards town.
From Grass Valley, CA

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Westchester Golf Course -- Westchester Rawks Localz OnlY
Review by: rek

Just kidding, but my friends and I love to play golf at Westchester Golf course.

My friend Steve is really pissed off that they fired the hot girls that drove the golf cart around and fed us hot dogs and beer.

In all seriousness, Westchester is the perfect "big" course for beginners. The par fours are generous for proficient golfers, but the course offers GREAT GREENS for the area.

Have a round at West-Cheezy!

From culver city