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Vache Grasse Country Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Lakeview Golf & Country Club -- No goats this year...
Review by: Kevin Marsh ...first time I've played Lakeview in over 10 years and I was pleasantly surprised. The fairways, for as dry as the weather had been, weren't bad at all. The greens though were a bit long and spongy, but still very playable. The course has a few flaws, one being drainage ditches about 190 yds. out on 3 holes, making seniors and shorter hitters lay up with an iron. Makes for one LONG par 5 on one. Number ten is another throwaway hole, with water 210 out, and to carry the water a 250 yd hit is required, with a dogleg and little landing area. Signature holes are 18, a par 3 over water, 17, a short par 4 over water, and 7, a nice par 4. It isn't a goat ranch. It is playable, but it has it's flaws.
From Little Rock, AR