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Downing Municipal Golf Course

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Downing Municipal Golf Course -- good muni course
Review by: David Downing is a long, flat muni course that is well-kept and still a reasonably good deal ($22 to walk on weekends). Bring your 3-wood, because you're going to need it. The greens are quick but easy to read with few double-breaks. The par-3's are all 180-plus yards, except for one that always seems to be into the wind. The fairways are wide and fairly straight. The groundkeepers let the rough grow long for a muni, especially when a local tournament is coming up. Downing gets a lot of play, and weekend tee times fill up within an hour during peak season. Good, solid muni course.
From Erie

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Brookside Country Club -- Nostalgic Review
Review by: Dave George Williams I honed my game growning up as a young golfer on this course. It taught me a lot about chipping and putting to get 'up and in' because missing the slightly raised greens kicks the ball quite a ways off. I played the course only in the older traditional layout before the clubhouse was purchased by the municipality. I've won youth tournaments there, and have a soft spot a mile wide for this course. The comments about placement are so apt. Even when I became a long hitter it mattered little on most holes, unless you can also control the draw and fade as well-a risky proposition with so many mature trees surrounding all holes. A few long straight holes require placements between consecutive creeks for example, testing your confidence in laying up correctly or risking the long blast over them both. I got a '4' handicap here under the old methods. Before I die (a long way off), I'd like to play this course again on a good golfing day and might too misty to play well, and then Augusta, but in that order. During my formative years there, my father was President of the Board, and also of the Golf Committee at the time. 7 years I think. That entitled me to free ice-cream in the kitchen on Mondays when the course was closed at the time. Enjoy. It's a treat
From Lancaster, PA