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Yardley Country Club -- The People at YCC, are what makes this club great.
Review by: Hyno Yardley CC, has produced some of the best players in the local area over the years. There is a reason for this and that is Yardley CC is all about golf. In the past few years, the condition of the course keeps getting better and better. The course was designed back in the early 1900's, and still holds to a great test of golf. With accurate driving a must, one must than place 2nd shot in the correct positions. Slick sloped greens, with difficult up and down. To master this course, the player must be able to hit all the shots, and the hardest being the half wedge shots in to the greens. I have seen a 63 and many great scores on this layout, and have a best of 66, but every once in a while the old girl fights back, she has this charm, the little 6,400 yard girl can pack some bite, and if your game is off your scores will be also. The beauty of this course, is that it is all about golf and nothing else. No pools, no tennis, it just pure golf, and if you happened to play with Yardley's best, you need to bring your A game, or you better have your check book. (From time to time, some of the Tour Players and College stars drop in for a game)
From Littleton Colorado