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Colonial Golfers Club

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Casement Club, The -- Modest Expense - Rewarding Golf
Review by: Rich Kovach The course is picturesque and generally well maintained although the golfer will not find the tightly clipped fairways that seem so popular now on many courses. The course is not long but does include a full fledged par five, two medium range par threes and a variety of par fours. Three of the par fours are on the short side, but two of them are tree lined dog-legs that require well placed mid to long iron tee shots for most golfers. The final par four, hole number 9, is not particularly long either, but the green is well elevated above the slight dog-legged fairway and is also seriously sloped from back to front, making it difficult to ideally place any approach shot below the hole. Depending on the tee location, the ninth hole also allows the adventuresome golfer to cut the dog-leg by flirting with the Grand River.
From Concord Twp., OH USA