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Additional Golf Course Reviews:
South Shore Golf Club -- Friendly staff, rude "South Side" players
Review by: Chicago Golfer I golfed at this course several times, and was amazed at the lack of etiquette on the part of the other golfers. Golfers often started onto the course well before others in front of them had even reached the green--often resulting in near miss shots, almost hitting other players. I also saw golfers leaving trash, yelling behind other players and fending off beggars. I wouldn't golf this course around dusk--quite a few beggars start showing up looking for balls and trying to sell golfers their wares. The staff was extremely friendly, but almost all of them had to be approaching 90. I wouldn't count on any of them to chase after the beggars. I'd avoid this one if I were you, unless you bring a helmet and a few bucks for the beggars.
From Chicago