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Hickory Ridge Golf Course

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Lakeside Golf Course -- Great Begginers Course
Review by: Steve Young I started playing this course when I first got interested in golf back in 1999. The first time I played this course, I had no idea what a course was supposed to play like as I had never picked up a club before, let alone ever played before(I am still a lousy player (I shot an 88-95, with not 1 lesson)and have only played Westwood like 6 times). At first, I noticed a few of the fairways were pretty bad. I.E. Rocky patches, bare spots, and a little rough overall. The greens however, were great shape. Since the tornado tore it up, ownership was forced to change (sadly), which resulted in the course going into a "fix-it" stage. I started to enjoy the course more than already did, as some dirt had been moved in and some of the mud puddles filled in. I know I have never been on a "real" course, to be able to compare to, but I believe this is a GREAT course for someone who has never played, thinking about starting to play, or on a tight budget, as the green fees aren't outrageous (under 20 bucks for green fee AND cart). I have a big family (Triplets, a 4 yr old and a baby on the way) and can't afford to play on a "real" course. So I give this course 2 thumbs up for a beginner course. There is a "Clubhouse", but it is really only for paying and gettin a snack and drink. There is no place to sit.
From Norman, Ok