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Forest Hills Golf Course

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Forest Hills Golf Course -- Not bad
Review by: chaz Not a bad course, exception to the noise of sqeeling tires and loud voices coming from the maintenance shop between holes 1&2 but a good value after 3pm
From Holiday florida

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Palmetto Golf Course -- Surprisingly challenging course
Review by: Anonymous Palmetto golf course in Miami is not a championship level course. That being said, it is a good course for the mid- to high-handicapper, and when the wind is up can challenge low-handicappers as well. The course is not long or narrow, and like all Miami courses is primarily flat. However, water does come into play on 10 of the holes (although on most it's a visual nuisance only) and can easily ruin a good round. The 'signature' third hole is a good example. The water on this hole is a canal that fronts the entire green (about 10-12 yards in front of it) and makes your second shot somewhat intimidating. In fact, when the wind is up, you may have anything from a mid to a long iron in, and quite a few people play it as a par-5 and just lay up to 100 yards to avoid the thought of a 180-200 yard carry over water to a short (but wide) green. The better player will not be intimidated, but the average golfer can be. Palmetto has several holes that reward target golf, as some of the greens (such as the par 3 11th) are huge, meaning if you miss on the wrong side you could easily be left with a putt of 60-80 feet. Others, such as the short par-3 17th, feature tiny greens surrounded by bunkers. The main complaint about this course is the greens. They tend to be uneven in speed from hole to hole and day to day, and often are not very smooth. That being said, when they do run true, they can be tough, as they have numerous ridges and slopes that make for slippery par putts. Overall Palmetto is a very good value. While it doesn't compare to the elite courses in the area, for a nice day of golf, particularly for the average (mid to high handicap) golfer, this is a good pick.
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