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Hugoton Country Club

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Hugoton Country Club -- Hugoton Municipal Golf Course
Review by: Nathan Even though it's located in rural southwest Kansas, with a desert-like atmosphere and occasional high winds, the nine hole course that I experienced in Hugoton played like a tournament level course. the fairways were full, the greens were soft and fast, and the course was challenging. I would recomend that anyone traveling through the area looking for a nice course to try their luck at would be plesantly suprised at this oasis in the southwest tip of Kansas. With fees being little to nothing, compared to the quality of the course, I would think that this is a better quality course than most eighteen hole courses in not only the southwest Kansas area, but state wide.
From Topeka, KS USA

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Buffalo Dunes Golf Course -- The Best Pound for Pound
Review by: Anonymous The dunes is possibly the best course for the money in the entire state! I give the course five stars due to its all around duffer enjoyment. The course itself allows for not just a fun but also a challenging round. The beauty of such a course in such a desolate location is unbelievable, as is the staff. You couldnt ask for a friendlier environment!
From Anonymous