Hunt Valley Maryland Golf Courses

Hayfields Country Club
Hunt Valley Country Club - Red/Blue Course
Hunt Valley Country Club - Red/White Course
Hunt Valley Country Club - White/Blue Course

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
VFW Country Club -- A good short game needed
Review by: Paul Carpenter If you think because it is a 9 hole course and easy you better stay home. The best in the area all have admitted that they walked off the 18th knowing they had a challenge. Don't feel bad about 3 putted. You can come back and get revenge. I did and went from 49 putts to 31 and felt I had a good game. Each hole has it's own tricks. Play with someone who knows the course. I'll be glad to go back any day. Highest score was 97 lowest 76. You tell me what happened. Chipping and putting. Good luck to all.
From Albany, NY