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Huntington Country Club -- Hidden gem
Review by: Robert W. Meagher This course is one of the hidden gems on Long Island. If you have ever played in Ireland, you will get flashbacks. Being a member for 20+ years and having caddied there prior to that, I have seen many changes and all for the better. The fact that the course "seems" wide open is a lessen unto itself. The tall grass that surrounds the holes is a true one shot penalty. In June through October, if you hit into the tall fescue, simply turn 90 degrees and pray to get out on the fairway. Rarely can you club up and reach the green. If you are lucky enough to reach the green, good luck holding it. The greens at HCC are small hard and FAST (11+ on the stimp is not uncommon). If you are looking to take lessons, Jimmy Smoot the PGA pro at Huntington is an excellent teacher who will improve your game whether you are a 1 or a 30 handicap.
From Huntington, NY USA

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Newman Municipal Golf Course -- Age Makes A Difference
Review by: Elizabeth Shannon Newman Golf Course has been available to me for many years. Unfortunately, as I continue to age, it becomes more difficult. Number #1 fairway is a killer. Shouldn't a killer fairway be placed farther along? In any case, the course is senic and friendly. There is no other course around that is located right next to Cayuga Lake. You can watch the sailboats and power boats go by and then missing a good hit doesn't hurt.
From Ft. Myers, FL