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Clubs of Lakeway, The - Live Oak Course -- A "Narrow" View of Live Oak
Review by: Mike Williams This was my first experience with golf at Lakeway. The scenery is lovely and the course attendants were friendly and courteous. While waiting for my group in the parking lot, 3 different employees stopped by to see if I needed a cart or anything else. While waiting (still!) in the snack bar, the course marshall stopped by, introduced himself and (again) asked if there was anything I needed. Very impressive customer service. Regarding the course itself: this is one meticulously maintained track. Fairways and grounds bordering the greens are plush and provide great lies. The greens themselves were in very good shape; they were challenging but fair. Take this either positively or negatively, but there are no sand bunkers on the course. Odd, eh? A few holes are "wide open," a la links-style, but most fairways are tight, and bordered by some very unforgiving 200 year old oak trees. A walk in the woods may be a great way to unwind for some, but I can't recommend it on this course. My only gripe is the somewhat claustraphobic feel of the homes bordering a few of the holes. I fully recognize the economics that lead to that kind of course just happens to irritate me a bit. Overall, a tremendously enjoyable experience. Highly recommend Live Oak @ Lakeway.
From Austin, TX USA