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Killian Greens Golf Club -- Probably better than the rating I give it....
Review by: Victor ...I just got off this course and it really has potential. It is considerably more challenging than I thought it would be. There isn't much water, but it is in all the right places for your balls to take a little swim. And a couple of the dog legs are more like 90 degree monsters. The only negative is the location. Some parts of the course are a little too close to traffic (especially the hole by the freeway) and the nose can be bothersome. Also, they chose today (a Wednesday morning) to work on the course and didn't mention anything to us until we got to the 7 or so holes that were almost unplayable due to the thousands of gopher holes left from the aerator. That really should have been done at night or when the course was otherwise closed. Aside from those holes though (and I am sure that it is not a regular thing) this was a great course for the money.
From Miami