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Edgewood in the Pines -- Paying for a Name
Review by: Anonymous Now that Ron Jaworski has associated his name with Edgewood in the Pines golf course in Drums, PA, the prices have gone up but the quality hasn't. I've played this course frequently because they had a special deal that was well worth the price. They have now changed that deal to where only a few dollars are taken off if you buy the (advantage) card which was $25 but is now $50. More money, less discount. Sounds like a poor deal to me. On top of that,the greens fees have been increased so you will still be paying more regardless. The course is fairly wide open and very picturesque but more often than not I've had to use 'cart paths only' because drainage is terrible. They finally started paving the paths just in time to coincide with the increase in prices. This course just doesn't justify the new prices they are asking. I will make every effort to play elsewhere even though this course is closest to me, just because they have raised the prices for nothing other than Jaworski's name. It's a shame!! On the plus side, the layout and views are great. Just be sure to go after a couple of weeks of dry weather unless you like to walk or unless you can hit close to the cart paths! P.S. Don't expect to see Ron Jaworski there. He's busy playing on better drained courses.
From Drums,Pa