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Mendenhall Golf Course

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Mendenhall Golf Course -- Mendenhall Golf Course Review
Review by: Tyler This course is not exactly in very good condition. But the bad course conditions make it one of the most challenging courses you'll play. There are alot of what appear to be dried up creeks that have very overgrown shores and if you manage to miss the wide fairways, you'll be looking at one of the most difficult shots in your life. If your visiting Juneau, they provide you with clubs, balls, and tees. This one of the the funnest courses you'll ever play, even with the tough course conditions. I urge you if you have time to play the course, DO IT!!
From Olympia, WA USA

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Sleepy Hollow Golf Course -- Lax course
Review by: Sunny Very high growth in the rough, sometimes even thorny. Careful tracking your ball out of bounds. Otherwise, a laid back course. Relatively cheap. Traps nonexistent or unmaintained. No water hazards as this site proclaims. Some of the employees cynical, even bordering on rude.
From Eagle River, AK