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Tilden Park Golf Course -- Should Have Brought My Slicker & Kneehigh Boots With SPIKES!
Review by: Richard Is this course ever DRY! A miserable experience and leave it to American Golf to make it one of the worst golf experiences ever! It was a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there when we left the 1st hole, but by the 11th whole it was getting dangerously worse. At the turn, the Snack Bar was closed and we were extremely hungry, so we ran to the car for some leftovers from our trip to McDonalds'! The recent rains have devastated the safety conditions of the entire course. We were slipping at every possible opportunity, and it's a golf course "looking" for a serious lawsuit. Taking a step in the 8" mud can be very dangerous, especially when you lift your foot out of the mud and your shoe becomes seperated from your foot and it remains stuck in the mud. Very sloshy conditions, and I would have to question why American Golf would allow golfers to go out and play in these conditions! (It's probably all about the $$$$$!). Did I mention that we were covered with MUD! This course is LAST on my list for coming back! I would only recommend this course to MY MOTHER-IN-LAW!!! If I could give 0 STARS, I would have!
From Berkeley, CA