King of Prussia Pennsylvania Golf Courses

Gulph Mills Golf Club
Valley Forge Golf Club

Featured Golf Course Review:
Valley Forge Golf Club -- The only public course
Review by: Robert Henson VFGC is what you'd expect, being the only public golf course in the area. With slow greens, and long-grassed fairways, it is perfect for the average 50 handicapped golfer. Overpopulation is a big issue. If you want to play 18 holes on a weekend, you better set aside 4-5 hours to play...with a cart. Overall, I would never go to this course, but since its the only one we've got, I'll take whats given.
From Wayne, Pa USA

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Valley Forge Golf Club -- Great location, great price, good course
Review by: Josh This course is alot of fun to play, even if it isn't all that challenging! The location is what makes it stand out - you're surrounded on all sides by busy roads, corporate buildings, and the fringes of the King of Prussia mall, which only makes the calmness on the course more remarkable. It's a nice feeling, standing on what might be the most valuable piece of undeveloped property in the region, surrounded by all of that "civilization." Kind of like playing at Augusta National in downtown Augusta, only not as expensive. The course itself is in good shape, and since it is not particularly long it is a good fit for any skill level of player. No water hazards, and not alot of trouble to get into. This is not a course for someone looking for a challenging, skill-testing course. It is a course to have fun with, and it does a great job in that role. The cost is also remarkable - VERY low, easily half of other courses in the area. Highly recommended!
From Collegeville, PA