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Royal Hylands Golf Club

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Morningstar Golf Club -- Fairway to Heaven?
Review by: Dan Wearstler If you dreamed of playing on a golf course that is filled with tree-lined fairways, Morningstar Golf Course will be your cup of tea. However, while a beautiful landscape may be thrilling to some, these beautiful yet narrow fairways will likely prove frustrating to those golfers who drive their ball a great distance, but can't seem to keep it on the straight and narrow. Nevertheless, for those of us who are able to drive straight, but have developed an inferiority complex watching our long drive partners hit the heck out of their drives, this is your chance to get even. By keeping your drive on the fairway you give yourself a better than even chance of beating your long drive cousin at this particular golf course. If you do find yourself off the fairways, be prepared to find the roughs to be really rough with long grass and the trees acting as swaying barriers to the greens. While the greens lacked the quality of other courses (the reason for the rating of 4), the overall beauty of this course make for a fun, yet challenging experience.
From Indianapolis,IN USA