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Hideaway Hills Golf Club
Indian Mountain Golf Course

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Hideaway Hills Golf Club -- Great Course
Review by: Anonymous What a beutifully kept golf course
From New Jersey

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Hideaway Hills Golf Club -- What a view!
Review by: Judy I enjoyed my experience at this course. The scenery and panoramic views are spectacular. It's well-maintained. I will definitely be back.
From Stroudsburg, PA

Indian Mountain Golf Course -- UNREAL
Review by: Art.M First off I am very local to this course and it should be a very busy executive 9 but it is not!!. There are many reasons for this.While the greens keeper is doing a good job with the grass he has also been left in charge of the course,Bad move he (carl)is obnoctious and rude to the players an intimadating grounds keeper left in charge is terrible his head is so big I could not tell you what to do with it all I can say is that I did not have to pay this monday for a round there so I went.From this day on I will never golf at indian mnt in kresgeville PA again when I can golf Hideaway hills for a few bucks more and not be harrassed to return my cart by 7.30 pm therefore forced to walk the remaining 6 holes because someone is to cheap to pay a shopkeeper an additional hour and a half all of witch amounts to less than 20 dollars I am sure.Rest Assured as long as a arrogent greens keeper is in charge of this course,with no bussiness savy you are going to spend the same money as a full eighteen hole course to shoot the same 9 twice.My conclusion would be unless it is free or you just cannot get out anywhere else do not go there.Hideaway hills is 30 for twilight w/cart starts 3pm and they do not harrass or intimadate you at all carts come in when you finish.!!At indian mnt I have accused and humilliated by a lowley greens keeper for no good reason.!!!I do not know what else to say except if it were reasonable for 9 holes at twilight starting at 4 no cart due in by time, I may consider to continue to play there if things change if not I will spend my money at hidawayhills or whitetail or cherryvally or even alfortene witch is areal crappy course but the people running it are much nicer and not of the harrassing breed. So see ya on the better courses and if not on the courses run by nicer people.I hope this is a help To indian mnt for it is less than a mile from my home but I refuse to spend the same money for 9 twice when I can get 18 differant holes and more time to enjoy them without an obnoctious head greenskeeper on my rear all day. See Ya Art.M Want to reply to my comments
From Kresgeville PA USA 18333