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Lake Arrowhead Country Club -- Too bad it's private
Review by: Geoff Levy This is a very nice course and its quite a shame it's private. It is located in a dense forest with trees lining most all of the fairways. The course, being in the mountains, is very hilly and there are some dramatic elevation changes on the back nine. It is closed until april 2004 so you can sneak on if you are that kind of person, but be prepared to deal with subpar conditions and no flagsticks to mark the hole. If you do sneak on I recomend you play the four holes that are seperated from the rest of the course because the guys don't ussually patrol there. The signature hole, the 15th or "The Monster," is the most difficult hole I've ever played. You drive from an elevated tee through a narrow valley onto a fairway that is only about 25 yards wide. Then you must hit your second shot completly blind up a steep hill to a difficult green. This is the hole where Michael Jordan was ubducted by the movie "Space Jam". If you play in the winter, be prepared for the 40 degree temperatures that are the norm and possible snow and ice coming into play. Above all, I recomend playing this course if you have a friend with a membership but unless you are a millionare, you can't afford a membership.
From Lake Arrowhead, CA USA

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Calabasas Golf & Country Club -- A diamond in the rough
Review by: Francis Deveroux This course has had some of the basic design features of it changed through the years. Although still a classic Trent Jones lay-out the former first hole is now the sixth, so the order of play on the front nine is changed. The existing ninth hole has had major changes; what once was a great dog-leg left is now a straight, albeit difficult hole. On the tenth a water hazard on the left has been filled in, as was a water hazard that crossed the fairway just short of the drive landing area on the par 5 fifteenth. The greens are now completely poa, and tend to get spongy in the summer and bumpy in the afternoon. The fairways are very very thin in the winter as the bermuda grass is not overseeded. The rough is a little inconsistant, with clumps of rye, bermuda and other grasses. There is also not an established "first" and "second" cut of rough, so a ball three inches off the fairway could really be sitting down, and be very penal in nature. Whenever the deferred maintainance gets taken care of this could be a spectacular course. It is a true diamond in the rough. I still would enjoy playing this course on a regular basis, it is fun to play, tough yet forgiving, but not at all at its true potential. The members seem to be friendly and warm, and the professional staff are fantastic.
From CA