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Yahara Hills Golf Course - West Course -- Will never go back again....
Review by: Jason Aside from it not being that great a course to begin with for the price, here's why I won't go back. Paid $29 bucks for a cart for 18 holes. Then we get out on the course and find out that 3/4 of the holes have a "yellow line" drawn where you have to keep the cart. In other words...if you hit your ball way off to the right, but the "yellow line" goes down the rough on the left, you get to drive up...walk across the hole to your ball, then depending on whether you brought your bag or not, walk back to get a club. Basically it slows things down more than just walking the full 18...which I would have had no problem with if anyone would have told me about the "yellow line." Here's why I'll never go back though...on about the 4th or 5th hole, I wasn't paying attention and began driving the cart down the rough on the left side of the hole. Now I realize it's wet and was being careful, yellow line or no... but what I didn't realize is that on this particular hole...the "yellow line" (which is sometimes hard to see I might add) had gone to the right side of the hole. So I'm sitting in the cart waiting for my buddy to hit and I see some guy back at the tee box in a cart waving me over. I drove over and said "what's up sir?" at which point he yells "can you read?!" I was kind of dumbfounded and just said "yes." He continues with "then read those damn little yellow signs that say you have to keep your cart on the yellow line!" Now I don't have a problem with a Ranger doing his job and taking care of his course...but I DO NOT need some crotchity old a--hole yelling at me like I'm a 5 year old. Had he spoken to me in a civil manner, I would have apologized and paid more attention. The combination of this and the "yellow line" thing that no one bothered to mention makes me say FORGET YAHARA HILLS! It was never worth the price anyway.
From Madison, WI