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River Hills Plantation Country Club

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River Hills Plantation Country Club -- One of the best courses in South Carolina
Review by: R. F. Samuals If you have a chance to play this course take it. This is a very tight course with very little room for error. Though it is not a long course you will have to use all the clubs in your bag. Not only is this course wonderfull for golfers of all levels of skills it also is set in an area that removes all thoughts of the outside world. To only speak of the condition and beauty of this course without speaking of the staff would be wrong on my part. From the greens crew and pro shop personel to the dinning room and bar staff this group of dedicated workers make you feel as if you group up in the area and they knew you from birth. I can not say enough about my time there other than I must go back, the sooner the better.
From New York, NY USA

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Anderson Country Club -- So-So
Review by: Anonymous This course is not the among the best I have played. It is very hilly and causes alot of kicks, some bad and some good. The course if very confusing as to which hole is next. They also don't give a map of the course and there arent layouts on the hole markers to let you know where you are hitting the ball. There also arent visible 150, and 200 yard markers. It was relatively cheap but for the money I would think it would still be nicer. I probably wouldnt recommend this course to many people. If you are in the area, I would recommend another course unless you are a beginner.
From Anonymous