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Spreading Antlers Golf Course

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Spreading Antlers Golf Course -- Jade in the rough
Review by: Switzerhead I'm a native of Lamar and I've yet to find a course that can have as much fun on (six water hazzards on 9 holes) as I can Speading Antlers. The Old Guy in the proshop is a bit cranky, thats Why The board should Hire Gary Ply as Manager and Pay Him a livable wage to run it all. The place would be packed each summer weekend due to NEW BLOOD, PlyMaster is that NEW BLOOD. Gary Ply Loves Golf and He too is a native of Lamar. Rock & Roll. PROMOTE FROM WITHIN.
From Lamar Colorado.

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Applewood Golf Course -- You get what you pay for...
Review by: Andy Kass Applewood is a good course if you live nearby, but don't travel for it. I do enjoy it, the scenery is nice, and some falcons make their nest on the trees to the right of the 14th fairway. However, they don't keep it up as well as some others and if you go early in the morning you stand a chance of getting a sprinkler in your face...
From Golden, CO