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Casa Blanca Golf Course
Laredo Country Club, The

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Laredo Country Club, The -- Great Course
Review by: Ted Breaux My friend and club member, Fernando Cuellar invited us to play this course. The course is in great shape. We played it the first week of June and marveled at the condition. The fairways, greens and bunkers are manicured. Look forward to playing this course again and highly recommend it to anyone who can get an invite. Many thanks to Mr. Cuellar and my compliments to the greenskeeper.
From Houston

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Gus Wortham Park Golf Course -- Lost Golf
Review by: Jeremy Wortham is not your average course. Without fail you will have at least two people approach you while playing to ask if you want to buy used balls. The price is the "hook" at Wortham, it is cheap, but you do get what you pay for. For the most part the course is in good condition for a $25 dollar course with the exception of the greens. There seems to always be a problem, whether it is sanding or sprinklers watering the green while you putt (they turned on while I was on the green on two holes when I was there last) and the course has two temporary greens set up, which are a joke. The temps are a 15 foot wide (if that) shortly mowed part of the fairway 30 yards in front of the original green. All in all, if you are looking to just play some where cheap it is a fair course for the money.
From Houston, Tx