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Hidden Valley Golf Club
Sugar Ridge Golf Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Old Orchard Golf Course -- It may be small but it's TOUGH
Review by: Barbara (Moran) Hernden The front nine has two par 3s, two par 5s, the rest being par 4s but they are not easy. Hole #3 looks like a piece of cake, till you try putting and watching what the green does to your ball. Like Ed says, Hole #4 is really tough, but the ladies get an advantage here. Also Hole #8 the men have to shoot over a pond through a narrow opening in the trees and the ladies get to start on the other side of the pond, it's a fun hole. The back nine are all par 3s but w/ narrow fairways and sand traps, it takes skill to make par ... it's a real test of your short game. Sure you can drive a 200 yard ball but how accurate are you??? This course will put you to the test. How do I know all this from northern Michigan, I worked there for 13 years before moving. Enjoy, it's a lot of fun and great people running the course.
From Charlevoix, Michigan USA