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Leroy Country Club

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Leroy Country Club -- Decent 9 hole course.
Review by: Anonymous This is not a bad little 9 hole track, but certainly not one of the best in the area. The course can play extremely slow due to crowding, and member outings and leagues. The fairways and greens are nice, however the greens are quite sloped and fast. Leaving the ball below the hole on approach is critical to scoring on this golf course. The couse is not long, and only requires driver on about 3-4 of the holes. A creek comes into play on a few holes, but no large water hazards are really in play unless you hit a very bad shot. The clubhouse offers full beverage and grill service, and there is a swimming pool for use by members only. You will certainly play better courses in the area, but can pay more an play worse courses too.
From Bloomington, IL

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Lakemoor Golf Course -- A Dog Track That Could Be A Beauty
Review by: DogTrack Master Lakemoor Golf Club reminds of the executive assistant with horned rim glasses and a hair bun. With a little bit of makeup, a pair of contacts, and a salon cut she could be transformed into a knockout. In the case of Lakemoor, truckloads of dirt, bent grass fairways, reshaped bunkers, and wholesale hole re-routing could turn this into a masterpiece. On the positive side, this course has a lot of water and O.B. comes into play on almost every hole. The problem with this course is called conditioning. The fairways are hard to find, and the shaggy greens could use a good cut from Floyd the Barber. Highlights include #5, a tight par 5 with trouble down both sides. At only 520, a good drive provides you with the chance to get home in two. #8 routes you past a couple of sewage ponds, with a severe 90 degree turn to the right. #9 finishes with an elevated tee box to a sweeping dogleg right around a pond. Play to the left and this hole is not that hard. #10 opens the back nine with a solid, long par 4 test of 460 yards. I went long and left and found water. #11 is a tight par 4 with water down the right and left, and #12 is a 178 yard knee-knocker to a green surrounded by water. Crossing a culvert help me understand why my friend dubbed this the "Appalachian 9". As you pass by the trailers on the right, you suddenly seemed transformed to Kentucky or Arkansas and wait with baited breath to hear hound dogs on the trail of possum. Holes 13-15 are quite unmemorable, other than the "double wide" views. However, the tee box at 16 begins what I call "Appalachian Amen Corner". Your tee shot on this par 5 541 yard gem must carry about 220 over water (which is no small feat!). However, you must also avoid O.B. trouble to the left and water to the right. Lay-up to about 120 to avoid the water and you might have a chance at birdie. 17 is a peninsula green and plays tougher than the 158 yards might suggest. Finally, #18 presents water down the right side and O.B. to the left. Stray to far left and your stymied from going for the green. A great 422 yard finisher. We played this course in soggy conditions and it's probably the worst shape I've ever seen from a drainage standpoint. This is a course that could be great, but unfortunately is not due to poor maintenance and some bad routing. Even a Dog Track Master like me had trouble taming this hound dog.
From Illinois