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Old Memorial Golf Club -- Heaven
Review by: jr this is the best golf course in the 813. i asked steve smyers one day during a round if the hole we were on was his signature. he looked at me and said, "would you beleive they all are." The 12th hole has a 4 acre waste bunker seperating 2 fairways. The left fairway is narrow with ob on the left but cuts off 100 yards. you'll need it as the hole is over 600 yds long. 18 yds of false front with greens that roll faster than the masters. you'll need to putt in your bathtub to get the speed down. 2 putts are welcomed and 3 putts aren't that bad. most of those members had game. if i had the money no doubt this is where i would spend it. i have to reiterate the greens. they repeatedly double cut and roll the greens and it appears as if someone used starch the way the grass lays flat so true. i've seen them at 13.5 amazing plus you play with a caddie. i was shooting 86 everytime i played westchase from the men's tees. i thought i had game when i shot a 76 at westchase with one mully. it took me four months to break 100 at old m playing every sunday after 2 (for caddies) yes many times i forfeited the chance to watch my buccaneers in order to play this incredible track. if you are ever invited to old m do not pass it up. it may be your only chance for the game of golf the way it was meant. personally running loops for lee roy selmon, wade boggs, tino martinez, scott hamilton and ernie banks to name a few was a very memorable experience. i never asked for any autographs but one of the members the binger took my pic with baseball legend ernie banks and offered me a copy. nascar racer dale jarret signed a pro v 1 for me and wayne hizenga gave his 8 caddies fins hats out of the two helicopters him and marino were traveling in. (he called them coppers) i cADDIED IN A US OPEN SECTIONAL THERE and even got to play in a caddie tourney where the millionares caddied for us. very down to earth people. i shot a 92 that day my first time breaking 100 holing a bunker shot for par on hole 5 ( #1 handicap ) which was the 17 th hole for me in the tourney. every time i turn on the tv i see somebody i met at old m. heaven is on earth.
From ocala