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Lemoore Golf Course -- Please sell the course and make it a 3 star public.
Review by: 11handicaper The mens club stinks. Noone wants to play any of the tournaments. Why? Because if you win, you get labeled "Sandbagger". I hear from time to time that nobody wants to win, just because of that simple word. The atmosphere is lousy. Everyone talks behind backs. Who needs that kind of Bull, when all your trying to do is have fun?
From Hanford

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Mare Island Golf Club -- Questionable Management
Review by: Dan,Mike,Harry,Phil Tee Time: 11:15 A.M. Friday August 25, 2005 Mare Island Golf Course (foursome). Arrived half hour early and hit a couple of ball at the driving range. Head pro Dennis Walker indicated there would be a 15 minute delay. 12:25 -still waiting and dinner reservations ruined with the possibility of a 6-1/2 hour round. We elected to walk away. The foursome behind us -still waiting. Head pro Walker did not appoligize but told us this is common for "public courses around here." With 120 years of golfing experience between the four of us, none could remember ever waiting over an hour and one-half on any golf course with an established tee time. We have all golfed in the Bay Area for over 30 years and have never encountered a more arrogant attitude by management. Aaron Walker (brother?) the M.I. golf director should be the person to address this issue or perhaps not. We will not recommend or go back to this course unless we hear things have changed, i.e overbooking stops or unrealistic 71/2 minute starting times. We do not have to go too far to enjoy a great day on any of the nearby course. Thanks-Phil, Dan,Mike, Harry - bay area devoted golf lovers.
From S.F. Bay Area, USA