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Hickory Hills Country Club

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Hickory Hills Country Club -- Hickory Hills Country Club
Review by: Clay Sweeney I have always enjoyed playing at Hickory Hills. Its rolling hills and country side views make the course enjoyable and peaceful. The first hole starts you out with a drive down the hill. From the tee you can see the entire layout of this par 4. Hole 2 is a short but tight par 4. This hole is drivable for long hitters, but watch out for the bunkers guarding the green. Number 3 is a 150 yard par 3 up hill. Hole 4 is the start of two blind tee shots. This par 4 is over water to an elevated fairway. Number 5 is the signature hole, with its simi blind tee shot and tight fairway. Don't stray to far left or you'll be in the clutches of BIG BERTHA!!! Hole 6 is the first par 5 hole on the course. Like the begining hole, 6 give you a wonderful layout of this dogleg left hole. Number 7 is long but open from tee to green. 8 is the second par 3 at Hickory Hills. 9 is the second par 5 and the second blind tee shot. This hilly par 5 is a great finishing hole. To the members and employess of H.H.C.C. I have enjoyed your course for many years. Keep up the good work and can't wait to return and play your wonderful course again. Thanks
From Liberty, KY

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Charlie Vettiner Golf Course -- This course brings back memories
Review by: Mitchell Cole I remember the first time I played on this course. I was new to the game, and was feeling pretty uneasy about my first game with friends and family. The 16th, 17th, and 18th holes were the most interesting for me. Not to mention my sinking of a 30-yd putt. Like I said, this course brings back memories. To make this better, the score of my first golf game ever, was a 97.
From Louisville, KY USA