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Tamarack Golf Course

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Tamarack Golf Course -- Plain(s) Old Golf Course
Review by: Anonymous I golfed this course for the first time back in the early 70's when the grass was taller than the newly planted trees. And due to the lack of water some years the grass was as brown in July as it is in January. Back then this course was challenging for a peron just learning to golf. The slopes in this course and the length of some holes made it very challenging. And today after 31 years I still find it a challenge. The same slopes are still there and the trees have finally grown up to make it that much more of a challenge. I can finally drive it straight enough that I don't go into the lake on hole number one every time. And I find that hole number two is still one of the most challenging par 3's I have ever played. I no longer live in the Limon area and have not for over 16 years, but I still find time to play this course at least once a year, when visiting the area. I call this course "the course I cut my teeth on" or "recieved my first ulcer". Thanks for the memories.
From Grand Junction, Colorado

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Country Club at Castle Pines -- Best in Colorado
Review by: Chuck McDaniel This course matches with any in difficulty from the tips. It is awesome to play and has many great golf holes. From th regular men's tee it is a terrific course as well. Fairways can be tight so high handicappers may find the course tougher and not as enjoyable as some. But, hey, with the views (best in the country for a mountain course) everyone will love this track. I have guests from all over the country play this course and rave.
From Castle Pines, CO USA