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Willow Hill Golf Course -- Golf Course with a view
Review by: Dan Oleksiuk Resting at the top of an old landfill, that I recall as a kid, I have played Willow Hill a few times in the past years. Twice already this year with my friend Mike. The first day we went out was twilight at 6pm on a Monday. $10, you cant beat that! Picture perfect sunset as the sun set around 7:30pm and being able to view 360' degrees around and downtown Chicago perfectly, which is about 20 miles away! What a sight(site)! There are no water hazards or one single cotton pickn' TREE!! Yes, not one tree! Ahh, what a blessing. Nice moderately narrow fairways bunkered in by rolling mounds of thick rough and nicely positioned sand traps. This course is "strangely" nice. Every time Mike and I are "up" there, we both will say at one point during the round, "Hey man, this is a really great course!"
From Northbrook,Illinois