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Coakley-Russo Memorial Golf Course

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Coakley-Russo Memorial Golf Course -- Great deal!
Review by: Pete The course has been under professional golf course care for the last 7 years after Bernards Township assumed management responsibility. They added irrigation in 2003. In general the course is in great shape. Recent hole alignemnts and creative cutting have increased the length of play and overall challenge. It remains a great place for beginners, duffers and seniors. The course is only open to hospital staff, hospital volunteers and town residents. However, the waiting list for membership is several seasons long. Well worth the wait
From Basking Ridge

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Pine Valley Golf Club - Pine Valley Course -- Heaven on Earth
Review by: scratch Compared with your first round of golf through the pearly gates with St. Peter, you shall find Pine Valley just as good, but with the added advantage you can return home at the end of your day. An "out of this world experience", not to be missed should you get the appropriate tap on the shoulder.
From U.K.