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Madison Country Club

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Madison Country Club -- Spring Pilgrimage
Review by: Jim Catron This course is an excellent choice for early Spring play. Located in rural Madison country the course is reached by driving through a canopy road and has typical north Florida vegetation. With few exceptions (tournaments) play is possible when you arrive except on Mondays when the course is closed.
From Madison, Florida (born in Canal Zone, Republic of Panama)

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Winter Springs Golf Club -- Winter Springs Wetlands
Review by: Nahtay Fan This course is challenging because your lie had better be in the fairway or you'll most likely be looking for it in some form of casual water or very thick rough. The fairways were either overly-tight, negelected, outright wet, or all three. The greens are a muddy, slow-medium to slow speed with only a fair amount of undulation. The par 3 greens are almost all too large and too flat to be much fun. I've played WPGC twice and didn't really enjoy the experience because of all the standing water in the rough and on the fairways. I'm rating the course at 2 stars only because they have reliable and frequent refreshment cart service.
From Winter Springs, FL USA