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Madison Country Club

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Madison Country Club -- Spring Pilgrimage
Review by: Jim Catron This course is an excellent choice for early Spring play. Located in rural Madison country the course is reached by driving through a canopy road and has typical north Florida vegetation. With few exceptions (tournaments) play is possible when you arrive except on Mondays when the course is closed.
From Madison, Florida (born in Canal Zone, Republic of Panama)

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Royal Palm Country Club -- Good Naples Golf
Review by: Ernie Wagner Excellent course. No parallel fairways and no buildings close to the fairways. Resent complete remake of the greens, new sand to the traps and a brand new watering system make this a top course in the Naples area. A sand underbase makes for excellent drainage and allows play without the usual "cart paths only" even after heavy rain. This also makes for good Floria summer play.The course is not hard, But offers good challenging play to all with five tee levels.
From Mt. Clemens, MI USA