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Shorecliffs Golf Club -- General management's a disaster
Review by: Unfortunate Nearby Resident We're one of the residents that unfortunately lives alongside this sad-ass course. Its management has no concept of what the term "good neighbor" might mean. The GM, Phil Vigil, maintains a number of eyesores that bother residents and no doubt the golfers as well. Simply put, it's an ugly course from many angles. Vigil promises to eliminate the problems, but that's all he does, promises. When you try to complain he just blows you off or won't even answer your phone calls. What a jerk! Also, he takes no responsibility whatsoever for any of the damage or injury his customers might accidently inflict upon upon people riding or walking past or living adjacent to their property. He leaves it to the golfers and their victims to argue out their differences, so expect to get into a beef with some local lunatic if you do anything out of the ordinary. That'll ruin your golf outing, I guarantee you! The parent company of this course is Pacific Golf Enterprises, which also owns a couple of other venues in Southern California, so be forewarned and beware! You'd be better off taking your business anywhere else but here
From San Clemente, CA