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Mayport Golf Club -- Mayport Remodeled
Review by: Jeff Marquardt Mayport has been totally remodeled over the past 4 years and is now a top-notched golf course. The greens are constantly being regarded as the best in all of North-East Florida.
From Atlantic Beach,FL USA

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Cypress Creek Country Club -- golf with a side of attitude
Review by: Ben The course itself is in decent shape. The greens are fast and in good shape, the tee boxes are in nice condition, as well. The course has some fun and interesting holes with a good variety of par 5 and par 3 to mix it up. The course needs to be played from the blues to make it interesting, but that makes some of the par 3 very long (195) into the wind and over water. OVerall, for the money, not bad. HOWEVER!!! The staff there is by far the worst most unprofessional staff I have encountered. So bad, that I would not go back if they gave me a years free pass. We came close to a group in front of us on an errant shot that found its way down the cart path, we yelled fore, it didn't come that close, and the group threw a small temper tantrum. At the nine turnover, the starter actually stopped us and scolded us, mind you, we are thirty yearls old, one of us an attorney, on a doctor...not immature high schoolers. When we told the starter there is two sides to every story, he told us off....needless to say we were pissed. 7 holes later, the course is set up so a lot of tee boxes are near greens, which makes it a bit dangerous for those errant shots. Once again, a nice slice went towards that group, fore was yelled, and they threw a fit. Now, it is one thing if you hit INTO another group because you are inpatient or rude, but these were two erant shots that only came close because of the layout of the course. Well, we get back after 18, and the two bag boys actually started to tell us off, once again we reminded them that they were not out there, and they told us to "F%%%" ourselves and get out of there. make a long story long, I could not believe they would treat golfers that way, and I would tell EVERYONE, if you wanted to be treated like SH&T, go there. IF not, there are plenty of other nice courses int he area-
From wellington, fl, usa