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Chautauqua Point Golf & Racquetball Center
Willow Run Golf Course
Woodcrest Golf Course

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Blue Hill Golf Course - Woodland/Lakeside Course -- a course with ups and downs
Review by: Russ Harris Blue Hill is my town course and I can play it for a reasonable rate. Non residents, like a lot of metropolitan courses, get screwed pretty much. That aside, the course is always in great shape. The fairways are in terrific shape and the greens, too. To my mind the Lakeside and the Woodlands are the better nines. The Pines has a couple good holes but is generally boring, basically straight up and down, with little intrigue to most holes. Another thing I don't care for is that Pines particularly and Lakeside somewhat, are shooting galleries--and you're the target. The fairways on many holes run alongside each other so a lot of shots come sailing over. You, of course, can do the same to others. It can be dangerous. Balls are generally easy to find, unless they drop into water. The courses are hilly in parts, but overall walking is not bad for those who prefer it. Rounds are occassionly slow, but generally it moves all right. Older folks seem to like the course, it's not a severe test of golf and several holes are not long. As a 14 handicap, I enjoy myself there, as long as I don't play it too often. You've got some challenging holes and the excellent condition of the courses is a real plus, no matter what time of year.
From Piermont NY