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Hale's Location Country Club -- Rude Homeowners
Review by: Dave Kendall The course itself is a beautiful track, a 10 rating for sceneryh and course maintenance. It is carved out of the woods in the shadow of Whitehorse Ledge, a 1000'+ cliff. Hole #4 offers a breathtaking view from an elevated tee, it is a short par four which will temp you to go for it all, but beware as OB is to the rear of the green as well as right and left. The 5th hole is a par 5, also offering an amazing view from the tee. Mount Cranmore can be seen in the distance well beyond the green. OB looms right and left. This 9 hole course is greatly maintained by a personable grounds crew and Pro, but the homeowners are another story. This course is one of the growing number of public courses that were created for the sale of real estate. The homeowners take themselves seriously, offering a steely glare should you dare to hit an errant shot into their yard. My playing partner was actually yelled at by a homeowner off of the fifth hole! These homes were built in some cases, feet of of the fairway, making golfer/homeowner confrontations likely. Play at your own risk as they claim the golfer is liable for any damage to homes or property. 4 stars for the golfcourse only 0 for the atmosphere.
From Somerville MA