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Great River Golf Club -- Great River 2004 (New and Improved)
Review by: Joe France Last week I played GR for the first time in about a year and a half, and what a surprise! First, the management wisely decided to change the order of holes, so that the old back nine is now the front and vice versa. The marshalls said that this has shaved about a half hour off playing time, and my group's experience proved this to be true. With a fairly busy course, we went around in 4 and a half hours, with very little waiting, certainly not anything to complain about. Course conditions were generally excellent, except for thoughtless public golf course users failure to rake some traps and fix some ball marks. The greens were for the most part immaculate, the fairways and rough were as one would expect for a first class facility. One complaint, the handicapping of holes by difficulty is obviously off, and has to be reviewed based upon the new order of holes. If you've played GR in the past, and were a little unhappy about pace of play or course conditions, go back. It is a great day of golf and I will be back soon. Too bad they don't have caddies, that would make it pretty much perfect.
From Stamford, CT, USA